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This adult website is only five years old. During this time, it managed to gather about 300 thousand participants, which are more correctly called like-minded people.

The creators of the portal paid particular attention to the idea that people should get to know each other and continue communication as a result of their conscious choice. The meaning of this idea is that the participant should be interested in finding a partner for friendship or romantic relationships.

The site welcomes the so-called ‘attentive’ users who register not for just satisfaction of interest or entertainment, but serious communication with new friends.

For such clients to be able to realize their goals, Meetmindful offers a whole range of tools for finding partners, exploring their interests and pleasant communication. It will be discussed in more detail in this review.

MeetMindful Audience Structure

MeetMindful Audience Structure

After registration, you will get a personal account.

This community is effectively used to find a partner during a pandemic.

The portal is tolerant of both women and men.

Acquaintances on the site are distinguished by awareness and, accordingly, seriousness.

There are more community members from large cities than from small towns.

Users get acquainted both for friendships and for romance.

The site has more female members than males.

This adult website is one of the fastest-growing in their business field. Its audience is growing rapidly. Every month about 40 thousand new users are registered on the site.

As mentioned earlier, this MeetMindful declares its goal to bring together adults who know exactly what they want from life and relationships with the opposite sex.

Men are very popular here. Official site statistics indicate that they make up less than a third of the total number of registered users. However, this does not mean that a woman will have to desperately fight for attention here. For the most part, the conscious customers of this portal are friendly and welcoming.

Separately, it is worth noting that users can read hundreds of articles on the topic of relations between people. Most of them carry valuable information and the experience of others.

Signing Up Without Worries at MeetMindful

Signing Up Without Worries at MeetMindful

It is possible to use your existing Facebook account to register.

The site administration will check the information that you provided during registration, then you can continue.

Registration will require a little patience and time.

You must provide some detailed information about yourself during the registration process.

The function of synchronizing information with your social networks is available.

In general, the registration process on this portal for adults is not much different from other sites. Although there are several features that you should pay attention to.

First, it’s easier for you to get started with this virtual dating community if you have a Facebook profile. Not all users want to sync their Facebook account and page on an adult dating site. Some men and women prefer some anonymity on such resources.

However, if you belong to the category of people with such views, think carefully before registering on this site. MeetMindful policy calls for openness and seriousness of purpose. Hide and seek both moderators and local visitors poorly perceive games. If you decide not to synchronize your account on the website with Facebook, you will be asked to fill out several fields with detailed information about yourself and your interests. You will be asked to indicate your sexual orientation and preferences in choosing a partner. These fields will take some time to complete. Be sure to include your valid email address as you will receive a confirmation email.

Something You Need to Know to Create Useful Contacts at

There is a high probability of finding a partner or friend sitting at home during the quarantine period.

A partner search function with a list of filters is available on the site.

Mutual sympathy of the user for you gives you a chance to send him a message for free.

You can see a list of users who are close to you.

You choose how far your potential partner can be from you.

The user can at any time turn to the list of people to whom he gave a ‘like’.

Personal chat is the main tool for communication on the site.

The basic algorithm of this dating platform is very similar to the algorithm of well-known dating networks such as Badoo or Tinder.

A user with a free subscription will be offered ten candidates for the role of his or her second half within 24 hours. He has two options for each profile – give him or her a Like or Dislike. If you like the photo of another user and his or her page, there are two options for what to do next. You can hope that sympathy is mutual. When the website offers the user you like to rate you, he or she should also give you a “like”. In this case, you can write messages to each other absolutely for free.

But, if it does not love at first sight and you haven’t received a “like” response, you still have a chance to talk to a girl or guy you like. To do this, you need to purchase a paid subscription. For paid subscribers, there are no restrictions in sending messages.

The search function for a user with a free account takes into account only the localization filter. For those customers who have purchased a paid account, there are several filters so that they can accurately detail the portrait of the partner they are looking for.

Basic Account Tools at

This adult site is very popular during the quarantine.

If you are interested in a user, you can send him a greeting asking to add additional information to his profile.

Each member can upload 6 photos.

Each user tries to provide as much information as possible on his page.

Profile editing is available to everyone.

Viewing avatars is available to everyone.

New portal users need to be prepared for the fact that they will have to spend some time and invest some effort in creating a personal profile.

Site moderators strongly recommend filling out information about yourself seriously, because the purpose of the community is to unite conscious people. You, as a new client, should tell about yourself in all the details. Filling out the fields is in the form of a free story about yourself.

Here you will not find questions with ready-made answers that characterize you in different areas of life. Paying attention and investing in the high-quality filling of your page, you invest in your future on the site. Most users read the information in the profiles of their potential friends and partners.

Basic information is in the Account Profile section. Information that relates to your views on family relationships, love and friendship is placed in the so-called Surface. The main theme of the MeetMindful – the choice of a serious attitude to life and a description of the situation that made you come to it – is disclosed in the Depth section.

Remember that on this portal people are interested in your personal qualities no less than in your photos.

MeetMindful App Services and Additional Opportunities

Finding a friend or partner during an epidemic is easy and convenient.

The application is available for download at no charge.

Access to the application is free for users of all mobile operating systems.

The application is not inferior to the basic version.

All functions in the application are saved.

The low speed of functionality on mobile devices.

This dating web site app can be rated as not bad. You can find it in the stores both for iOS and Android. The application is available for download for free. Users complain that the creators tried to put the entire original version into the mobile version. And it does not look very attractive. You feel like you have not enough space.

An attempt to put the original version in the mobile version led to the fact that the application lost the speed of functionality. Any user commands are executed slowly and after a few minutes, the application may close due to an error.

The truth is that the creators did a great job so as not to limit the user’s capabilities in the application. However, they will have to continue their work to make the application fast and safe in the future.

Real MeetMindful User’s Point of View

Real MeetMindful User’s Point of View

“This website made a very good impression on me. I have been trying to find a serious dating portal for a long time. I met a lot of fakes and girls who are looking for entertainment only. But I always wanted a serious relationship, a real deep romantic connection. That is why it was a pleasant surprise to meet a large number of people who want the same. It’s nice to talk with these people. They inspire and motivate to develop. I was happy to find my lovely girlfriend. Moreover, I found real sincere friends.” – Kuba, 28.

Design and Interface at How it Look Like?

As noted earlier, this adult site is fairly young. Therefore, it is quite modern. Not all users will agree to this. However, many of them will confirm that it is quite good.

The color palette of the design confirms the platform’s main idea. Earthy color tones clearly express peace and stability. They are pretty for people who decide to live a conscious life. Many users will find in this design a classic background. You cannot be distracted by vivid pictures or annoying ads, and concentrate on the main thing. These are user profiles.

The site interface is very simple. The stationary version of the site responds to user commands quickly. Technically, MeetMindful is working properly.

Should You Pay at MeetMindful?

If you have not yet decided whether to purchase a premium subscription, you can get information about the features.

Free customers can explore ten profiles a day and give three “likes” to other users. Naturally, you cannot write messages without restrictions.

A paid account for one week costs $ 14. This time is enough to explore the possibilities of a paid subscription. Among the most important is the absence of restrictions on viewing user profiles, and an unlimited message package to any user. Also, the premium client can give an unlimited number of “likes” daily. If you decide to renew your premium subscription, it is wise to do so for one, three, or six months.

A subscription for one month will cost you $ 29, for 3 – 49, and six months – 79.

Could You Say that MeetMindful is cheap?

It has an average level of prices for the services.

Are There Any Special Services at MeetMindful?

The site may offer several special features, but they are available to users with a paid subscription.

Special search filters.

This option is available for paid community members. The user can specify the number of parameters for the girl or guy he wants to meet. This applies to preferences in food, drinks, as well as what motivates a person. This feature will help you choose a partner more accurately.

You can find out which of the proposed users in the feed has a premium status. Often, this is not so important, but it can tell you who can also write a message to you. This is important for a general understanding of the situation and nothing more.

A user who paid for a premium subscription can chat with any girl or guy registered on the site. This is important, given the fact that you can come up with an original message to impress. You won’t have to wait for the computer to match you up with your favorite girl.

Writer’s Original Opinion About MeetMindful

“This adult website is safe. Here you meet people who have common interests and common views on life. Most of them are determined to find a serious relationship. Here you can meet a beloved girl and a good friend. The moderators of the MeetMindful make sure that the fakes here do not linger for a long time. This website is one of the best for dating and chatting online.”


Inquiries on Registration at

What are the main types of registration on this site?

The user can register using synchronization with Facebook, or in a standard way.

What should I expect after syncing with Facebook?

You can start working with the site without a verification code. The portal will not use your account for third purposes.

Payments Details

How limited is a free user?

A free user cannot send messages to anyone he wants. He can also view only ten profiles every day.

Why do I need a paid subscription?

A paid subscription removes all restrictions on viewing profiles of other users and sending messages.

Can I get a refund?

This feature is not supported by the site.

How to Use MeetMindful

Is it worth the time to fill out all the data about yourself?

Yes. This will increase your chances of being noticed by other users and getting a “like”.

How many photos can I upload to my profile?

1 to 6 photos can be uploaded.

Are there any restrictions on sending messages to other users?

A member can send messages for free only to his matches. To send messages without restrictions, you need to pay for a premium subscription.