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Caffmos Review 2022: Does It Actually Work?

Caffmos Review 2022: Does It Actually Work?
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 35-55
Profiles 1 365 400
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free Registration – While other online dating sites charges to register and use their websites, users here join this dating site free of charge unless when you want to upgrade to other advanced features.
  • Free Membership – Most essential features are free, including messaging, access to audio and video gay chat rooms, unlimited search for compatible senior gay users, profile visits, and viewing.
  • Filters – You can easily filter members who are online, offline or those who are free to chat using this filter option.
  • Standard Profiles – Standard profiles are easy to create and manage. Also, they are readily accessible to others, making it difficult to hide information from other users of this website.
  • Ratings – this dating community site allow users to rate each other on a scale of 1 – 10. This means it is easier to find a member with the highest rating and popularity.
  • Male Only Membership – With increasingly cyber-attack on an individual's sexual preferences, the website offers only one gender, the male. It lets all gay men available here be comfortable to each other without feeling discriminated or being attacked.
  • Paid Features – Just like other online dating websites, Caffmos.com offers its advanced premium features only on premium accounts. This means members need to pay to access these advanced features, which include unlimited searches, viewing of picture galleries, and also unlimited access to gay chat rooms.
  • Limited members – Registered members on this Caffmos community are minimal in number and inconsistent. This means getting a match may turn out to be a hard nut to crack. Most reviews have complaints of members not getting their preferred matches.
  • Expensive Premium features – To have a paid account, members need to pay extensively to be upgraded. It means one has to go deeper into his pockets to get a match. These premium features are not always pocket-friendly.
  • Not so popular – With its few user ratings and referrals, this website is unknown across the globe, making it difficult to be noticed by other potential users. Finding a match here will take ages, making it a waste of time.
  • Missing Mobile Application – Unfortunately, at this time, this website does not have an operational mobile application. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets to find a dating partner easily, the missing mobile app is a significant letdown to the Caffmos community.

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Caffmos.com is an online dating website designed to be used by gays who are looking for older and mature men for long term sex and relationship. It is one gender dating website, so it means only human male are accepted —just mature gay men. If you are a man, looking forward to having a relationship with other older men or an older adult trying to find your fellow mature gay man, then this is the website for you. You are in the right place with the right members.

This site, Caffmos.com, which hosts the Caffmos community, was established in 1998 with a view of connecting mature gay men. It is regarded as one of the longest-running gay websites with a substantial worldwide base of fabulous men looking for their gay partners for love, romance, and sex, both for short term and long term dating.

This mature gay dating website has created a free platform for older gay men, the silver daddies, senior gays, cubs, bears, and their compatible partners. These groups are made possible by using filters like age, body size, and ethnicity, among other options.

With over ten thousand members, caffmoscommunity.com boasts of a wide range of single gay members who are ready to match with their corresponding partners for the ultimate male-male love experience. Users can be absolutely sure of a safe and friendly environment comprised of gay men only; thus, they are free to enjoy themselves without a pinch of fear or discrimination, which may arise from the female gender or their close associates.

CaffmosCommunity Audience Structure:

CaffmosCommunity Audience

The community comprises mature gay men who are looking for other compatible partners, preferably on a serious date or for long term relationships that are suited to last forever.

What Does CaffmosCommunity Focus On? (Hint: Gay Dating)

Users of this site are already mature, worn out from dating and old enough. They have no time to waste since they need serious dating partners who are ready to settle. It is not suited for individuals who hope from one relationship to another, looking for short term sexual desires.

Caffmos users are classified according to their age and other physical features. Different groups available here include Bears, Silverdaddies, Sons, Chubby, Hairy, Naturist, Suit and Tie, TG/TS/CD, dominant, and also submissive types. Users have options to choose the group they would wish to be hooked up with on the registration process.

Geographical Details

CaffmosCommunity Details

Caffmoscommunity.com is available worldwide, but the majority of this population is in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Spain. It is in these countries where you will find loads of members making it very possible to find your preferred match. Other countries have fewer or no members making it less popular in these countries. It is unlikely to find matches in these other countries making the website unknown or less operational.

Ethnic Structure

Caffmos Mature Gay men are found in different ethnic groups and races. During the registration and search process, the site gives you options to choose the kind of ethnic group you would love to hook up with for this ultimate relationship. These races include the Asians, Caucasians, Blacks, Hispania’s, Middle East Arabs and also the mixed races. You can choose a race that you are comfortable with and per your taste and preference.

Gender Info

Without much to say, this website comprises only of gay, mature men. This means the sexual orientation found here is just male specie.

Sexual Orientation Info

Just like its motto: It is not just a single gay men site, but a gay community where friendship matters. This website is for men who like other men.

Getting Started: Caffmos Community Sign Up

CaffmosCommunity Sign Up

Joining this Caffmoscommunity.com site is very easy and straight to the point. It does not involve much information on its first step, and the registration process is simple, straight to the point for every new user.

This set up takes less than 15 minutes to get your complete user profile. From the homepage, just click the “join now” tab, which will direct you to the account registration page.

Requirements for registration on this mature gay dating website include the following:

  • You must have attained the age of 18 years and above. Underage is not allowed whatsoever. This is in line with most country’s age limits.
  • You are required to create only one single profile. Duplicate profiles are never allowed, and if found, the user will be banned forever from using this dating site.
  • You are required to create a non-commercial profile – These profiles must not be for business or to perform any kind of selling and buying of goods or services. They are only meant for dating purposes.
  • Looking for sugar mummies is highly banned on this profile – Only members who are looking for serious and long term gay relationships.
  • The website does not allow email addresses, phone numbers, personal contacts, or Skype addresses during its registration process.
  • The country of registration must match the IP Address. This means private IP’s are highly discouraged.
  • Accounts that do not meet the above criteria are generally removed from the site without any formal notice to the user.

Caffmos Profile Sign up Structure

The registration process is divided into two significant steps. In this step, users are required to key in these main details.

Information Required

  • Username: These usernames must be between 6 to 9 characters long with no space in between. One can use the alphabetical letters, numbers or both to create this username.
  • Country of Residence – Users are required to state their country of residence.

To complete this registration step, you are required first to accept terms and conditions and also accept the communities Privacy Policy.

After filling all these information, the website now allows you to register your account, bearing in mind you have accepted its terms of use and its policies.

Verification Process

CaffmosCommunity Verification Process

After registration, users always get links from the customer support system via email within 24 hours, which will be clicked to confirm and verify the account. Once the account is confirmed, users can now use the Caffmos Community login to get into this dating site.

How Much Time Does Verification Take?

Account verification is immediate, which is done through the email account.

Caffmos Community Account: What You Need to Know

This gay community is made up of members who are serious and are in for ultimate dating and long term relationships.

Registration on the basic and gold accounts is always free to any member who is joining this community.

Caffmos Community Profile Structure: Key Details

The final stage of the registration process is to create a profile structure. This is more detailed and advanced as compared with the registration step. Profile structure requires the below user details:

  • Email Address
  • Nearest City
  • Date of Birth
  • Height
  • Body Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Ethnicity
  • Smoker
  • Role
  • Referrals
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Details
  • Preferred Age

CaffmosCommunity Search Options

CaffmosCommunity Search

Caffmos.com offers several search options to its members to enable them to get their preferred compatible partners. Such information is not needed concerning gender or their sexual orientation, being a gay-only website. It is all about gays.

Basic Search Features

The basic search options available in this mature gay site include the ones summarized below.

  • Username Search – you can find a member on this gay dating site by typing their username on the search button provided on this website.
  • Quick Search – This uses several filters to come up with compatible matches. The filters used here include country of origin, Town or state, their Age, Marital status, and the distance, which is only applicable to members using Gold accounts.

Advanced Search Features

These are only available to members using the premium Gold Accounts. Users of these accounts can search other members using the below-added filters.

  • City – members can be found according to their city—the exact town where they are located.
  • Keyword – users can be found using the keywords provided.
  • Body structure and build – whether short, tall, slim, athletic, among others.
  • Hairy body – members can choose users with or without a hairy body.
  • Social habits like smoking, drinking, etc. and their intensity.
  • Their role during the sexual encounter – whether they will play the role of a husband or wife.
  • Other more advanced features may include: users with profile pictures, according to videos, new or old on-site, among other measures.

    Matching Process for Mature Gay Men

    Once the profile is complete and active, Caffmos community members can like and contact each other, hookup and also plan to meet for their dates and to spice their relationship.

    With tens of thousands of available members globally, each with different characteristics and features, one can be able to get his preferred mate easily and fast by using the advanced filters provided by this dating website. You just have to align your features with that of your favorite match to make it a match. However, you can inbox your crush without him liking you. Once the matching process is done, you can now connect and enjoy your sexual fantasies

    After getting this awesome partner, the next step is to get in touch.

    How to Get in Touch

    CaffmosCommunity Search

    This mature gay dating site offers different channels to its users to get in touch. The website has free gay video chats and audio chat rooms, public and private chat for its members. These communication channels are found while using either desktop computers, mobile phones, or even tablets. Unfortunately, this website does not own a mobile application.

    These free gay video chats are available to premium, bronze, and the basic account holders. You don’t have to pay to have access to these features. Sending of chats does not necessarily require matching. Once you like someone cute, you don’t have to wait. Just send him a flirt message, to show him you have a crush.

    Chat Features and Interface

    Caffmos.com has an advanced webcam system that enables members to video call each other, send and receive erotic photos and videos from other members. However, unlimited use of this feature is available to members using the Gold accounts. This means members on Gold accounts have unlimited access to webcams, chat rooms, private chats and are also able to view erotic photos and videos of other members.

    If you want to see more and get to use these extra features, then upgrade your account to Gold. The upgrade means having to pay more, to enjoy more. Payments to this website can be made using the VISA cards and other online payment systems, which must be verified by the website.

    Is Caffmos Safe for Mature Gay Dating?

    This mature gay dating website is safe. No one has ever reported any form of harassment or infringement of data. It does not store in any way users’ credit card information and other private data, which is against the accepted agreement. The website has fully adhered to laws governing the collection, storage, and use of its member’s data.

    Scammers are always kept at bay by using the website verification methods, which enable accounts to be verified before being allowed to be used on this online dating website. It has also put security measures to protect cyber-attacks and other online hacks to ensure data is intact.

    However, users are always warned of sharing their private information with other members who might be potential scammers or fraudsters. Once you suspect a scammer, the website has provided ways to report and keep safe from these attackers.

    CaffmosCommunity: Data Privacy and Protection

    CaffmosCommunity Help

    The Caffmos Community also has a privacy data policy put in place to ensure the security of its members. It also ensures that their data is protected and with fair use as required by the law. It has a detailed Privacy policy available to every user, which shows the company commitments, data protection regulations, Privacy notices, how this data is collected, its usage, and how it is shared with the third parties.

    Scam Profiles

    Scam profiles on the Caffmos community dating website are minimal. Just like any other online dating site, Caffmos.com experiences scam profiles which are immediately removed from the website once noted.

    How Scams Are Moderated

    This site has done a lot to ensure these scam profiles fail to exist. It has highlighted procedures to be followed when one suspects scammers and how they can be reported to the customer support system through the “contact us” feature provided.

    Some of these clues to suspect a scam profile on this dating site include:

    • Members are asking for email addresses immediately after contacting them.
    • Profiles have unwanted emails, phone numbers, and also Skype addresses.
    • Members may ask for cash or any other kind of help severally without cause.
    • Members conflicts in regards to their place of residence with what was stated originally in the profile.
    • Where user photos do not match with his descriptions, among others.

    CaffmosCommunity: Help & Support

    The website has a dedicated help and support system dedicated to its members.

    This help and support are usually done through the website by clicking the “contact us” feature present. This is only available to registered members and can only be used when one has logged in to the website.

    During this contact, one sends his issues or inquiries to the customer support then waits for the reply, which is usually replied via the email address provided or on account within the 24hour period.

    Website Usability: How It Works

    The website is fast and easy to use thanks to its simple interface. The simplicity of this website best fits it to be used by men.

    It is comprised of only three colors: white, which represents the background, orange, and black color.

    The homepage contains hot models of men and their description. Other features found on the homepage include the registration panel. Home, the chat panel, travel guide, gay business, events, and the login section.

    The Caffmos Community Mobile App

    CaffmosCommunity review

    This website does not have a running mobile application. However, it has advised its users to download and use the puffin web browser on android and Photon flash browser on iPhones to access this platform on their smartphones and tablets.

    Membership Options on Caffmos Community

    The website has two types of accounts dedicated to its members. These accounts include the following.

    Caffmos Community Free Trial Accounts

    Members on free accounts enjoy the below benefits.

    • Free messaging – members can send and receive chat messages for free.
    • Free access to chat rooms, which includes the audio and video chat rooms.
    • Unlimited search options to other gay members available on this dating site.

    To enjoy more advanced features in this online gay dating site, you are required to upgrade your account to a premium account, also known as the Gold account. Gold accounts have more features and benefits as compared to the normal and bronze accounts.

    Plans and Prices on CaffmosCommunity

    The Gold Account membership is payable in two monthly plans, which include the two months plan and the 12months plan.

    The two-month plan goes for $15.00, approximately $7.5 per month, while the 12-month plan goes for $50.00, which loosely translates to $4.2 per month. This is the cheapest plan available compared to the previous two-month plan.

    Members on these Caffmos Gold accounts are entitled to all the features available on the basic and bronze accounts. Besides, they enjoy the benefits summarized below.

    • Can save messages for two months, unlike the one month offer done on free accounts.
    • Have unlimited views, unlimited webcams, and unending search to other members’ profiles on the site.
    • They can enjoy more secure private chats for more passionate, romantic discussions.
    • Users have privileges to block, unblock, and also determine the kind of information they would want to share with other members or users of the website.
    • Get more notifications due to highlighted profiles and pictures – their profiles are highly ranked, making them easier to be seen and be accessed by other members of this site.
    • Can view other members X-rated pictures and videos with ease – members on Gold accounts are entitled to see highly rated videos and photos from other members.

    Canceling Caffmos Subscription and Profile Deletion

    CaffmosCommunity Profile

    Subscription can be canceled upon request. Members need to contact the customer support system to file a cancellation request or turn it off from their profiles, which stops the automatic billing.

    Deleting accounts at the Caffmos community is very easy. You just need to click on delete account. This cancels your account and removes all your information on the site database.


    This gay dating site is easy to navigate and use. It got mature men who are ready to get into long term relationships, making it ideal for persons looking for serious relationships. Being a gay-only site, it let members be sure of their privacy and be free from any form of discrimination from the public. All users have the same sexual orientation.

    We recommend Caffmoscommunity.com to any member who wants to have a peaceful, mature gay relationship!

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