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MexicanCupid Review: Can It Get You a Real Match?

MexicanCupid Review: Can It Get You a Real Match?
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 21-53
Profiles 1 200 365
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Operated by an experienced team
  • Registering is free and straightforward
  • One can sign up with a Facebook account
  • Plenty of users and high chances of dating a Mexican woman or man
  • Very detailed profiles
  • The free version is somewhat limited
  • Message translation is only available for Platinum members
  • Filling out a profile takes much time
  • There are scam accounts
  • No iOS app

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Mexican dating sites are among the most popular niche products there. Hot, passionate Latinas, especially from Mexico, have always been a fascination for Westerners. And Latinos have been conquering ladies’ hearts worldwide. MexicanCupid has been developed for those who have a particular fancy for singles from this country. And, of course, it is for Mexicans who want to meet a partner who shares or is merely fond of their culture. This site is a part of Cupid Media that has a vast experience in operating niche websites for a wide range of audiences.

Audience structure

MexicanCupid Review

This site has more than 750,000 members around the globe. Among them, there are Mexicans, Americans, and singles from other countries. The activity level here is rather high, with over 100,000 active users every week.

Is there any specification?

MexicanCupid is a niche dating website primarily specializing in singles from a particular country and finding matches for them all over the world. Among other specifications, we should point out the users’ goals. People come here for friendship, dating, and long-term relationships. Occasional hookups are not that popular on this platform, but there is still a certain percentage of users seeking one-night stands.

Geographical structure

As said, this site is not only for Mexicans in search of a partner. So, while almost half of the active users come from Mexico, the same number is the US residents. Together, these groups will make up to 90% of total users. Others come from Europe, Latin America, and other spots of the globe.

Ethnic structure

MexicanCupid structure

MexicanCupid is positioned as a website for everyone who is into Mexican dating. Plus, it can also be considered as a Latin Brides website. For these reasons, it is quite ethnically diverse. There are members of Latin descent, Europeans, Asians, and more.

Age structure

To join MexicanCupid, one should be at least 18 years old though the number of people aged between 18 and 25 years is rather small here. The most populated age groups are members between 25-55 years. This may be explained by the fact that this website is very efficient for people who are after a serious commitment. Statistically, these are users in their mid-twenties and older.

Gender structure

Most of this site’s users are men. They make up to 70% of the active audience. This makes the gender ratio extremely favorable for the users in search of a male partner. However, men also have a chance to meet the woman of their dreams here.

Sexual orientation

This website is targeted at those seeking a Mexican match, no matter their sexual orientation. We should say that most users seem to look for a straight relationship, but it doesn’t mean that gays and lesbies can’t try their luck here and succeed.

Getting started: MexicanCupid sign up

MexicanCupid sign up

There are two main ways to log in to Mexican Cupid: via Facebook and via email. The first one is, obviously, the quickest. It will take you seconds to follow the FB link in your registration form.

Yet, if you don’t want to sync your FB and MexicanCupid accounts, the email registration won’t take long, either. Regardless of what registration way you choose, you can skip completing your account information for now and return to it whenever you feel like it. But we strongly recommend you do it as soon as possible. Empty profiles don’t attract much attention on sites like MexicanCupid.

Information you’ll have to provide

Registering via email will call for a valid email address, the password, name, age, sex, and location. You also have to upload a photo at this stage. It can’t be taken a long time ago or show nudity, and your face should be clearly seen on it.

You will see that profiles on MexicanCupid are really informative. So, there are a lot of questions each person is welcome to answer. This may take quite long, but it is totally worth it, given that it makes a solid foundation for user search and matchmaking. When you are ready to fill out your account, here is the data you can provide:

  • marital status,
  • gender and age of a potential partner,
  • a relationship type you are seeking,
  • educational background and occupation,
  • drinking and smoking habits,
  • religion,
  • physical traits (in detail),
  • and more.

Verification process

On this site, it is not obligatory to verify one’s profile. Moreover, the site doesn’t have an email verification. Yet, confirming your identity is possible and advised, since it gives you more credibility. To do so, upload the photo of yourself holding any ID document. When the team verifies your profile, a green badge will appear on it, which will attract more Mexican singles to your profile.

Time it takes to get approved

Usually, it won’t take the admin team more than a day to approve your account and give you an authenticity badge. Sometimes, however, this process may take a little more time — but it will never be longer than 48 hours.

MexicanCupid Account

MexicanCupid Account

We have already said that you (like any other user on this service) will have to answer a whole bunch of questions to fill an account out. This is definitely an advantage for everybody who wants more than a one-time online flirt here. The more information you have about a user, the easier it is for you to break the ice and bring your relationship to the next level. So, don’t be shy to learn everything about your potential matches from their super informative profiles.

MexicanCupid Profile structure

Once you open a profile on MexicanCupid, you have all the details you need at a glance. First, there is a large, clear picture. Next to it, you can see some necessary information about this user:

  • name;
  • location;
  • gender;
  • status;
  • what partner they are seeking;
  • what they are here for, for instance, romance, flirting, long-term, etc;
  • when they were active last and if they are online now.

Below, you will see a quick view of this user that reveals their personality and lifestyle. And, finally, there is a detailed ‘About’ section. It brings you every detail about this person, provided that he or she has shared it. A great feature about MexicanCupid is that you can compare qualities a user has with those they seek in their partner on the same page. This is very convenient because it doesn’t only show how good they are for you, but whether you meet their requirements as well. While this site does not calculate your compatibility score, it still offers a way to see how good of a match two people could be.

MexicanCupid Search

There are too many profiles on this site to browse through them manually. Fortunately, you can use a whole bunch of filters to look up many suitable matches. More than that, indicating enough details in your profile allows one to ‘be searchable.’ And, even more important, you can be found by a person who can turn out to be your destiny.

Basic Search Features

These are quite similar to the basic search on any other dating website. Indicate whether you search for a Mexican lady or gentleman, what age they should be, and their location. If these or other criteria are irrelevant for you, choose ‘Any’ in the corresponding field.

Advanced Search Features

Advanced search on MexicanCupid allows one to expand the scope of parameters to a potential match. First, you can ask the site to only show you profiles with photos. You sort accounts by their activity level or by selecting when they were last online. And, by all means, it is useful to ensure that others have the same goals as yours. Tick one of the following boxes describing the relationship they are seeking: friendship, marriage, penpal, or dating.

The best part is that people can be particular about your preferred match’s appearance. For instance, people are not limited to hair color, like on the majority of other matchmaking sites. Anyone can also choose hair length and type. Anything you have in mind — height, weight, body type, eye color, body art — specify it all and see if there is someone really perfect for you.

Matching process

Looking for a partner yourself is a great step toward your dream. But sometimes, you just want to see what the platform has got for you without applying any effort. This is where the ‘Matches’ tab comes handy. Just hit it and get introduced to plenty of gorgeous singles suiting you for this or that extent. Most likely, the matching algorithm will be based on users’ locations, age, and preferences of a potential partner. But the more information there is in your and another user’s profiles, the more precise the results will be.

Getting in touch

Just as the case with other Cupid websites, there are several ways to communicate with others on this platform:

  • Messaging. This is the most obvious choice. The problem with this basic feature is that a standard member can’t get messages from other free users. Only if a Gold or Platinum member chooses to address them, they can participate in a conversation.
  • Commenting on photos. Another type of texting only available to the members with a paid subscription.
  • Showing interest. This, in turn, is mostly used by free members to attract the attention of the paying ones. This might be enough to get yourself a mexican wife or husband if you come across the right person. But most users prefer not to rely on blind luck and upgrade at least for a month.
  • Adding people to Favorites. For paying users, this is a way to make their communication here more convenient, creating a list of people they like the most. Given that they can reach out to any user on the website, this will make their life much more comfortable. Free users can benefit from this feature too. When paid members are added to this list, they can see who did this and get in touch with them.

Chat features and interface

MexicanCupid App

All the messages you have are sorted by received, favorites, sent, and trash. Sorting out the news from people on your Favorites list is very handy, as it allows you to access the vital mail right away. The messaging system can work as an instant chat. Alternatively, you can read and reply to messages when you have time.

Paying members can receive and view video messages from others and send video messages of their own. You can also make audio and video calls via the website.

Is MexicanCupid safe?

MexicanCupid safe

As safe as a dating website can be. Cupid Media has a good reputation for ensuring its clients’ security. They are not a nonprofit organization for sure, but they don’t try to make easy money by scamming their members either. However, taking reasonable precautions is a must on MexicanCupid. Mind that no one can guarantee your safety online if you are careless with your personal or dating details.

Data privacy and protection

The site employs data encryption. This allows them to make sure that no third party will find out the information you share, your paying credentials, or the details of your conversations with other users. As another security measure, your sessions time-out after twenty-minute inactivity. So, there is no need to worry that if you leave your page open, someone will be able to browse through your MexicanCupid contacts or read your chat messages.

Are there many scam profiles

Well, there are a considerable number of fake profiles on this website, just like on any other dating platform. The important thing is that real patterns prevail on MexicanCupid. Besides, after some time using this service, it gets apparent that the site doesn’t facilitate creating fake profiles and bots. So, whatever scammers you may come across here, they are on their own.

Verifying profiles here is not simply done by following links sent via email. Instead, a person has to take a photo of themselves with an ID. This is not that easy to fake, so you may be sure that verified users are very much real.

How is it moderated

When you feel that someone is not really who they say they are, the easiest way to get rid of such contacts is to block them. On the other hand, this isn’t everything you can do to ensure mutual safety on the platform. Report the profile to the site’s moderators, and they will deal with it. The owners of questionable patterns without green badges might be suggested to verify them. And the owners of verified profiles that arise suspicion will be double-checked.


Except for tackling security issues, MexicanCupid Support may help you with any other difficulty you might be facing here. You can contact their team via email or call them. Mind that the head office is located in Australia, so if you decide to call, take into account the local working hours(its hotline is only available 9 am-4 pm, Monday to Friday) and the international call costs. The email might be much more beneficial to MexicanCupid’s target audience, especially given that the Support replies almost immediately.

Website usability

When one is searching for an excellent mexican dating app or website, usability is one of the significant criteria of choice. After all, an average user spends a lot of time on such platforms, and they want this experience to be smooth.

As opposed to the lion’s share of Mexico chats, the interface of MexicanCupid lacks vulgarity, nudity, and NSFW banners or pop-up windows. Of course, the credit should be taken by Cupid Media. The operating company has decided to go far beyond such cheap ‘attractions’ and, instead, make their platforms look classy and respectful. The navigation is simplified to the fullest, making your time spent here fly by.

Is there is a MexicanCupid app available?

MexicanCupid App

If you prefer a Mexican dating app to a website, MexicanCupid has got a great offer for you. Their application may be downloaded for free and shares all the features of the desktop version. On the downside, it is only available on Android devices.

Membership options

There are three membership options available to MexicanCupid users: Standard (or free), Gold, and Platinum. All of them have pros and cons, so let’s dig in free and paid services and choose what’s right for you.

MexicanCupid Free Version

As much as we would like to access effective yet free Mexican dating sites, there are not as many options as we can hope for. MexicanCupid is one of the platforms that can be used for free, but this will bring you quite a limited experience.

As a non-paying user, one can:

create a profile and add photos,

search for users’ profiles and view them,

view their pictures,

show interest in others and fave them

block irritating users and report suspicious members to the moderators.

This is not too much. But this is still more than other websites offer to start on your online dating path. You will be quite lucky if a paying member notices you and starts a conversation. This is the only way to communicate on MexicanCupid without upgrading your account.

Premium features

Paying members can enjoy more features on this platform. They can send unlimited messages to whoever they want, as well as receive and read words from any member. They can search for a user with advanced filters that ensure a better match choice. Viewing photos, they can comment on them, which is another powerful tool of communication. And on top of that, they can enable an incognito mode to make full use of this site’s features without being noticed by others. Premium members only can translate the messages they receive. Moreover, whoever they send a message to, it may be automatically converted, and the recipient doesn’t have to pay for it.


MexicanCupid Pricing: Plans and prices

MexicanCupid App

As compared to other Mexican chat rooms, websites, and apps, MexicanCupid has average prices. Each paid subscription has three duration options: one month, three months, and a year. The more extended subscription you choose, the cheaper it will be for you per month.

Gold Membership will cost you $119.98 for 12 months, $59.99 for three months, and $29.98 for a month. Platinum Membership prices are $149.99, $69.98, and $34.99, respectively.

You can use your credit card, as well as pay via PayPal or make a bank transfer.

Cancelling MexicanCupid subscription and deleting profile

Mind that your paid subscription will be renewed without additional notice, once the duration is over. You can cancel the auto-renewal feature by adjusting the corresponding settings. If you want to leave this site for good, contact the managers and explain your reason for deleting your profile. Any feedback you share with the team will be taken into account to improve on the platform’s features.


Cupid Media websites have proven to be reliable and effective over the years. And MexicanCupid is certainly a decent representative of this group. You may dream of a partner from Mexico. Or you may come from there yourself and want to find a lover abroad. Either way, this is definitely the platform you want to visit.

Convenience and simplicity, fun and efficiency, user-friendliness, and security — these are the features that can characterize this site. What is even more pleasing, you can enjoy them for free until you are ready to upgrade. And even then, subscription costs will remain reasonable. Wanna start dating a Mexican man or lady? MexicanCupid is waiting for you to join!

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