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Passion.com Review: The Largest Adult Dating Platform in 2022

Passion.com Review: The Largest Adult Dating Platform in 2022
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 12 000 000
Reply Rate 71%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge community of over 100 million users
  • Many communication and interaction features
  • Availability of email and ConfirmID verifications
  • Thousands of daily active members
  • Strict anti-fraud and security policy
  • No mobile application
  • Limited features for standard users
  • The abundance of features may seem confusing
  • No Facebook or Google registration available
  • Viewing profiles is restricted for standard users

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Passion.com is an adult dating site for people who want to explore their sexual potential. The website is available worldwide, and its target audience is vast. Anyone interested in casual hook-ups, one-night stands, and just casual dating can become a member. The site has many features for communication, interaction, and search, which help users to find like-minded people. This Passion.com review will describe some of those features to give potential users a general idea of what the platform looks like.

Member Base Size and Structure

Passion.com has more than 100 million users from different corners of the world. Logically, this kind of huge member base cannot be homogenous. People come from different countries, have diverse sexual orientations, and belong to different age groups.

Availability of Audience Specifications

The platform is designed for adult dating. By saying adults, they mean grown-up people belonging to any sexual orientation.

Geographical Structure of the Website Members

Geographical Structure of the Website Members

The Passion.com site is available worldwide. However, the majority of visitors are from the United States, Canada, Thailand, and other countries like the United Kingdom and France.

Ethnic Diversity

The platform is ethnically diverse. As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Passion review, the site is available worldwide, so users belong to different ethnicities and races.

Age Distribution of Users

The majority of Passion.com users – 42% belong to the age category of 25-34. Second place takes 35-44 age group with 31%. People aged 18-24 years old occupy 23% of the whole member base. The last place takes the 45-54 age category, with only 4%.

Gender Ratio of Users

The gender ratio of the Passion.com member base is highly imbalanced. The majority of users, about 80% are women, and the remaining 20 percent are men. The estimate is rough because the site also allows registering as a couple.

Sexual Preferences of Users

The sexual orientation of Passion.com users is diverse. The platform is available for straight people, gay and lesbian individuals, couples, and the representatives of the trans community.

Getting Started with Passion.com: How Easy is the Registration?

The Passion.com sign-up process is hassle-free and uncomplicated. Though there is no option of registering with Facebook or Google, which would shorten the process, the sign-up takes only five minutes. The registration process consists of five simple steps. On each stage, you just need to enter the required information or choose an option from the list and press “Next” for continuing. In the end, you should confirm the registration, and your Passion.com account will be ready.

Required Information for Creating an Account

Required Information for Creating an Account

For registering on the Passion dating site, open the website homepage and click the “Join Now” link to open the registration form. Here you should identify yourself by choosing an option from the dropdown menu – man or woman, a heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or couple. It’s also possible to create an account as a group. There is also an option for trans individuals. Here you also need to specify who you look for.

By clicking the “next” button, you’ll be sent to the page where you should provide information on your birthday, country, state, and location. The third stage of Passion.com sign-up requires entering your email, a username with up to sixteen characters, and a secure password consisted of at least five characters. In the fourth step, you should choose from the dropdown menu the option that suits you best to identify your sexual orientation, body type, race, and marital status. And on the final page, you should write a short introductory title and a description paragraph.

Email and ConfirmID Verification Processes

The last thing to do for entering your Passion.com account is confirming your email address. The platform warns users that without passing the email verification process, your profile will remain inactive. For activating your Passion.com account open your mailbox, find the email sent by Passion.com and click the “Activate Now” button.

Besides email confirmation, Passion.com also offers to verify accounts via CorfirmID. Here you should provide your legal name, gender, and address, as mentioned in your ID document. You should also upload a copy of an official document like an international passport, National ID, etc. Make sure the uploaded photo is of high quality; otherwise, the verification will be denied.

Time Required for Verification Confirmation

Users express their satisfaction in their Passion.com reviews, saying that the email verification process takes only a minute. Immediately after the registration, the Passion.com site sends you an activation email. You should just open it, click the link insides, and that’s all.

Though the verification with Confirm ID is reliable, it may take quite a long time since the Passion.com administration checks the received documents manually. After confirmation, your account will receive a badge to show your verified status.

How to Create Quality Passion.com Account

How to Create Quality Passion.com Account

The newly opened accounts usually contain only the information submitted during the registration process. To see how much data should be provided, open the “Update Profile” page, which will show the percentage of completion as well as the information that should be provided. Of course, you can choose to continue using your almost empty account, but the more detailed the profile is, the more visible it is to other users.

Passion.com Profile Completion and Improvement

The “Update Profile” page of Passion.com account shows what information should be updated. Here, the required data is grouped by topics like “Basic Profile,” “Personal Information,” “Add/Manage Photos,” “Personality Type,” “Purity Test,” etc. After going to the corresponding pages and providing the necessary data, the link becomes green by showing the completion of the step.

The very first thing that should be done for profile completion is uploading at least one photo. If you haven’t provided information about your sexual orientation, marital status, etc., during the registration, open the “Personal Information” section to update it. It’s also essential to pass the personality and purity tests. The personality quiz consists of sixteen questions to which you should give one of the answers – strongly agree/disagree, somewhat agree/disagree. It’s important to remember that there is no correct or wrong answer. You should be honest in your responses; otherwise, it will mislead the matchmaking system.

Since Passion.com is an adult dating site, it also has fields for providing sexual information. You may fill them in if you think people that contact you should know about it. But it’s important to note in this Passion review that all the fields are optional and can be left blank.

Passion.com Search Tool: Finding Potential Matches

It should be mentioned in this Passion.com review that search is one of the essential tools of the platform. The “burden” of finding compatible people and suggesting them is on the shoulders of the Passion.com search tool. It finds people according to the filters you set, saves your search, and recommends them to you.

The tool can be accessed from the “Search” tab on the navigation bar. It has several sections, such as “Who’s online,” “Who’s on IM,” “New Matches,” Members Near Me,” etc. These search filters allow finding those people who, besides corresponding to your profile info, are also online, newcomers, near your geographical location, etc.

Basic Search Filters Usefulness

Basic Search Filters Usefulness

By clicking the “Search” tab, you’ll open the page of basic search. Users mention in their Passion.com reviews that basic search is too limited since it has only a few filters. Here you can specify who you are – a man, woman, couple, or a trans person and who you seek, set the age range, for example, 18-45, and the distance from your location – from 5 to 10 thousand kilometers. The basic search allows setting the date when users joined the Passion.com dating platform, as well as choose what members you want the system to show you – Gold members, VIP members, Confirmed members, etc.

Perks of Advanced Search Filters

For conducting a deeper search, hover the “Search” tab and click Advanced Search. At the beginning of the page, the filters of basic search are located. Next, come the advanced ones. Passion.com allows sorting out profiles according to race, sexual orientation, body type. You can also set detailed filters on the length and width of the male endowment as well as the band and cup size of female breasts. Next come the filters of physical appearance such as eye and hair color, hair length, and use of glasses. The Passion dating platform also allows sorting profiles according to users’ attitudes to bad habits like smoking, drinking, and drugs. If users’ marital status is important to you, set filters like single, divorced, separated, etc. You can also specify the languages spoken, education level, religion, astrological and Chinese signs. Since the filters are many, you can save the search; otherwise, you’ll have to check the required boxes every time you want to search.

Matchmaking Process and Tools

The Passion dating site recommends potential candidates not only according to your profile info but also taking into account your search filters. The platform groups the matches into several categories. If you want to connect with people online at the moment, check the “Who’s Online” section. If the system suggests the same matches all the time, open the “New Matches” sections to see new members. Since it’s crucial to communication not only via messaging and webcam but also in person, Passion.com suggests people near your location in the “Members Near Me” section. And finally, check the “VIPs” tab to connect with confirmed members.

Options of Communication and Interaction

Options of Communication and Interaction

The Passion.com adult chat, messaging, and interaction options are multiple. The bad news is that the majority of features are restricted to standard users. For establishing communication directly, you can send messages to Passion.com users. The second option is instant messaging, which you can use to talk with people online. If you prefer to see people rather than talk, you can broadcast a video and invite them or join other users’ broadcasts. It’s important to inform readers in this Passion review that video broadcasts are usually sensual and sexually explicit. There are also options for indirect interaction. For example, you can flirt with users by clicking the wink icon. There are also features of adding people to the hotlist, send virtual gifts, and becoming friends.

Communication Features: Chat, Messaging and Video Broadcasts

The Passion.com adult chat can be conducted via two features – messaging and instant messaging. For writing users, you should visit their profile, click the “Message” button, type the message, and send it. For seeing people online at the moment, click “Instant Messenger” from the “Live Action” tab. A new window will open, which will show people online at the moment and allow sending them messages. There is also an option of making video chats or joining the broadcasts of other members. The broadcasts can either be public, for a group of people, or one user.

What are the Security Measures on Passion.com?

Is Passion.com legit? It’s the first question that people ask about the platform. And the second is whether it is safe. Passion.com belongs to FriendFinder Network Inc. The site is registered, and its functionality complies with the law. As for safety, Passion.com takes necessary security measures to ensure the safety of users’ data. However, it doesn’t guarantee 100% protection.

Privacy and Protection of User Data

Passion.com informs users that the technical staff of the company works hard to ensure the security of users’ data. They use firewalls and other necessary measures to protect your information. At the same time, Passion.com asks not to disclose sensitive data for security means. Additionally, users can block fake accounts or report them to protect themselves.

Availability of Fake Profiles on the Platform

Availability of Fake Profiles on the Platform

Many users complain in their Passion.com review that there are numerous fake accounts and bots on the platform. Seconds after registration, they begin sending messages and try to cause harm to genuine users.

How are Fake and Scam Profiles Dealt With?The Passion.com website performs email verification to make sure that people register with valid email addresses. It also suggests conducting account verification via ConfirmID. However, these activities don’t help much to reduce the number of fake and scam accounts.

Provision of Customer Support and Assistance

In case of facing any problem, try to check the “Help/Contact” page. It contains many articles on various topics that could help. But if you can’t see the answer to your question here, scroll the page down and click the “How do I contact your Customer Service Department?” link. In the opened feedback form, you should choose the subject of your question, type, and send it. You can also contact the customer support team by postal mail and phone. They investigate your question and provide a solution as quickly as possible.

Design and Navigation on the Website

When you visit the Passion dating site for the first time, you may notice that it has many features and functions. At first, you may feel overwhelmed and confused, but after exploring the platform for a while, you’ll notice that everything is well organized and categorized. The navigation tab is located at the top of the screen and includes sections like “Messages,” “Chat,” “Notifications,” “My Stuff,” “Search,” “Live Action,” and “Community.” Each of the tabs contains several features, for example, the “Live Action” tab includes sections like “Live Member Webcam,” “Top Broadcasters,” etc.

As for the design, the background of all pages is white. Since violet is the color of the Passion dating site, the navigation bar and the Passion logo are violet. Buttons and some of the tabs are blue. Green and yellow colors are also common in the site design since some icons and parts are highlighted in these colors.

Availability of a Passion App

Unfortunately, there is no Passion app available now. Users complain in their Passion.com reviews that it’s a massive drawback for the platform. Passion.com has millions of users, but it’s naive to think that all of them use their computers and laptops to access the site. The absence of a Passion app may discourage potential users, and they can prefer other adult dating platforms for just the availability of an application.

Fortunately, the Passion.com site is optimized for mobile devices. But telling the truth, the interface doesn’t look attractive or convenient. The platform has many features. In case of accessing the site via computers, the size of the screen allows us to organize the functions neatly. But on the small screen of mobile phone, features look too overwhelming.

Availability of Free and Premium Memberships

Availability of a Passion App

The Passion dating site offers two types of membership – Free and Gold. The free membership comes at no cost, but it has many limitations and disadvantages; that’s why standard users usually cannot fully enjoy the platform and its features. The Gold membership gives unlimited access to almost all functions. But for accessing several features, they have to subscribe to additional packages or buy points and pay with them.

Features Includes in the Free Membership Package

The Passion.com free membership offers the following features entirely free of charge:

  • Registration on the Passion.com dating platform is free for all users.
  • Profile creation and completion is available for all users.
  • The maximum number of users in the HotList is 200.
  • Standard members can view only the summaries of other members’ profiles.
  • Free members can apply both free and advanced search filters.
  • The Passion.com standard members can make broadcasts or join other members’ live video streams.

Advances Features Available for Premium Users

By purchasing the Passion.com Gold membership, premium users get access to the following advanced features:

  • Gold members can view other users’ full profiles.
  • The Gold membership gives full access to all members’ photos.
  • Premium users are eligible for priority technical support.
  • Gold users unlock unlimited messaging and chatting features.
  • The maximum number of profiles in the Hotlist is 500.

Prices of Passion.com Gold Membership and Other Premium Features

The Passion.com Gold package has two subscription plans:

  • The one-month Gold membership costs 19.95USD.
  • The three-month subscription costs 12.95USD monthly, which makes 38.85USD in total.

As the previous Passion.com review says, even in the case of buying the Gold membership, some features need to be purchased separately. One of those features is Profile Highlights, which places your profile in the top results of the search and makes it several times more visible for other users.

  • For subscribing to this service for one month, you should pay 9.95USD.
  • The three-month subscription costs 26.85USD since the monthly price is only 8.95USD.

If you want to watch movies, you need to subscribe to the Passion.com Movies on Demand features. It offers three subscription plans.

  • For watching movies for only three days, you should pay 2 US dollars.
  • For one-month membership, users are billed 18.95USD.
  • For using the Movies on Demand feature for three months, users should pay 38.85USD.
Termination of Passion.com Subscription and Deletion of Profile

Termination of Passion.com Subscription and Deletion of Profile

The Passion dating platform accepts payments via Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Maestro, and other credit cards. Subscriptions are usually renewed automatically. If you want to terminate your subscription, you should go to your account settings and disable the auto-renewal option.

If you have already found what you were looking for on the Passion.com site, you can delete your Passion.com profile. For doing it, go to “My Account,” click the “Close Account” link and confirm the deletion.

Final Thoughts

Passion.com is an adult dating platform that is available worldwide. Anyone interested in acquiring casual hook-up partners can register and meet like-minded people. The Passion.com website is an excellent choice for straight, lesbian, gay individuals as well as for other members of the LGBTQ community. Like the majority of dating sites, Passion.com also offers free and premium memberships. The free package has many drawbacks since it’s limited, and users cannot enjoy the platform entirely. The good news is that the Passion.com premium membership isn’t pricy, and users can purchase it.

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