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Pink Cupid Review: Is This the Best Dating Site for You?

Pink Cupid Review: Is This the Best Dating Site for You?
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A Wide Fan Base: Pink Cupid is operated by the Cupid Media group, which is one of the most recognized dating websites. As such, you are guaranteed a broad base of potential suitors
  • Allows Legit Users Only: All new users have to be vetted, and by submitting a valid ID, you get a verification badge that shows your validity
  • Diverse Support Avenues: You can contact support through different means like; email, phone number, and much more
  • One Sexuality Centered: This dating website is dedicated to lesbians only
  • Affordable: Pink Cupid is one of the most affordable and legit lesbian dating sites worldwide
  • Subscription payment is a must: PinkCupid.com allows members who have paid to contact other users online. If you haven't paid, you will have less access to the dating platform features
  • Android App Support: Users who are fans of Android can use the website via its app on Google Play
  • Message Limit: The maximum number of messages you can send is 500 regardless of the membership status
  • Small Single User Base: There is a small user base for singles compared to main domain sites
  • Annoying Pop-ups: While navigating this lesbian dating site, pop-ups usually appear and are quite irritating

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Since its launch in 2006, PinkCupid.com has helped to match countless single bisexual and lesbian women, helping them get in contact with their soul mates. It’s one of the top and most sought out lesbian dating websites that bring exceptional features to bisexual women seeking love worldwide. These features will propel you from the mediocre standards and give you a decent time worth of love experience.

But how’s the website? Let’s have a look at features and key information by discussing them in this review

Enjoy the pleasures of having filtered search, diverse messaging options, an immense ability to upload endless photos online with us. PinkCupid.com lets only serious and decent users in their site to make the whole dating experience viable for all parties.

As such, only legit users can have the right to access your profile. In case of any inconvenience, there is a 24/7 customer support team that handles all queries professionally.

What Type of Audience Is There on PinkCupid

What Type of Audience Is There on PinkCupid?

The pink dating site is made up of serious women and girls who are seeking for love and friendship relationships. PinkCupid.com enjoys a broad user base, with over 350,000 users making online interaction every month. You will always find women by getting acquainted with this incredible pink dating site.

What Can You Find, Specifically?

Pink Cupid is a dating website created for lesbians looking to explore and reveal their sexual orientation. It’s tailor-made for all women regardless of age, religion, or color. It’s an all-around lesbian dating website for all women who understand and are comfortable revealing their sexuality.

Geographical Details

PinkCupid.com has, for years, worked to ensure that it’s one of the best lesbian dating websites. The site has helped to match and make romantic relationships possible for thousands of women.

Currently, the site boasts over nearly reaching a million-member base globally. In the USA, over 290,000 members have been registered and verified. Most of the members are in the USA, but this dating website is globally present in almost all countries. From Asia, Europe to South Africa, this lesbian dating website has made a mark of its own. Pink Cupid is a trusted and well-established dating website for single lesbians worldwide.

Ethnic Variety

The Pink Cupid dating site is a multi-diverse lesbian dating platform. Here, there are countless profiles of multi-ethnic lesbians looking for friendships and romantic relationships.

The language barrier common with most dating sites is handled by upgrading your membership. Here you will get access to an inbuilt translator, which helps to translate foreign languages you are not familiar with.

Age Variety

Most members registered under the website are between 25-35 years old and not left too much behind by the younger generation of 18-24 years. The website accepts women of all ages, regardless of nationality.

Gender Structure on PinkCupid

Essentially, it’s a lesbian dating platform, but you will find men here. The pink dating site is open for all single-minded lesbians who are seeking for romance and friendship ties. If you are a bisexual or lesbian woman, Pink Cupid is the ideal dating platform for you.

Sexual Identity

Pink Cupid was created to help women who embrace their feminine sexuality and are open to exploring all the world offers. Here, women seeking to get romantic interactions and friendships are matched perfectly with potential users. This lesbian site is one of the most sought out lesbian dating sites in the world and offers the exceptional matching capability for lesbians.

Are you looking to express your lesbian feelings? Sign up with the Pink Cupid dating site, and you will thank us later.

Let’s Start: The Pink Cupid Sign up Process

Let’s Start: The Pink Cupid Sign up Process

To sign up with Pink Cupid, visit PinkCupid.com. It’s pretty straightforward. Important info like your name, National Identity, and age are required to accomplish the sign-up process. By signing up, you are a step away from exploring countless lesbian beauties seeking potential mates like you.

You can also sign up through Facebook, where important info is captured for making your profile. The best thing is that you get full control of what other people can see.

Information You Are Required to Provide For

Apart from the numerous usual fields, new members are required to fill, additional info and documents are necessary to create a pink dating lesbian account successfully. Members registering will need to provide:

  • At least three clear photos.
  • Description of your potential match.
  • Likes and interests info.
  • A valid National Identification card.

What Is the Verification Process?

You can get approved through Facebook, which makes it easy to correct personal info. You can as well verify through your domain email. Click on the resent email to confirm your legality, and you are ready to start an exciting online dating experience. This way, you are set to start online dating with this lesbian dating site

How Much Time Do You Need to Get Approved?

The sign-up and verification process is quite easy and takes less than 10 minutes to get completed. After approval, you get control of your profile, and you can search for potential soul mates. It’s a simple process and takes less effort to articulate. It can take up to 24 hours to have all uploaded photos approved. In less than 24 hours, all user account is approved for use.

PinkCupid Account Creation

The Pink Cupid dating account makes it possible for single lesbians to meet and get acquainted with similar persons seeking to express their sexuality. Creating an online user account is free, and here we are going to reveal valuable insights regarding the Pink Cupid account.

Our review shows that this dating site has one of the easiest procedures for creating an account. It takes a few minutes to complete the whole process. Information required to fill the online application is easy to get. Plus, this dating site guarantees 100% user privacy.

Pink Cupid Profile Structure

For full approval of the dating account, the profile should contain at least three clear photos. Profile information is generally very detailed, and Cupid tags are an excellent way for each member to be searchable by their hobbies and interests.

The profile contains basic info about the user, which helps in the matching process. The photo section helps users view other profile pictures with ease. A further unique section details all info relating to personal likes and interests, and this structure provides an easy time for matching people with potential suitors.

Pink Cupid Search: How It Works

Pink Cupid Search: How It Works

The searching process is straightforward, and with a top-notch profile, you can wow endless single lesbians seeking some form of relationship. You get the option to add a minimum of 7 tags, which help to match people with similar traits. These features are hobbies, interests, and personality traits.

These tags help to make it easier for users to search for similar lesbian singles. By taking a look at other peoples’ profiles, you will access their personal info as well as info related to your personality. By this, you get to know if a particular person is a fit for you or not.

Basic Search Functions on the Pink Cupid Site

The search feature allows users to get access to anything they could think about. Basic search features make it possible for users to create info that will be used in the matching process. Common search options available when you get acquainted with Pink Cupid include the following:

Searching For

Here users are required to create info that notifies other lesbians of the type of relationship acquaintances you are seeking for:

  • Any
  • Friends
  • Romance
  • Casual Dating
  • Marriage


This info helps to explicitly reveal the type of sexuality you are looking for or currently involved in:

  • Any
  • Bi-sexual
  • Straight
  • Lesbian
  • Bi-Curious
  • Prefer to hold private

Personal Considerations

Personal considerations are the type of interests a user is interested in. They help to match you with people, similar to your interests:

  • Any Form
  • Soft
  • Sporty
  • Just Me


What is the facial and color appearance you are currently featuring? People will be matched by the type of appearance suited to theirs:

  • Color of Hair
  • Length of Hair
  • Type of Hair
  • Eyes
  • Eyewear
  • Height
  • Weight Range
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body type
  • Their ethnicity
  • Their best trait
  • Body Complexion

Their Lifestyle

Do you love to party or you are a reserved person? Here include the kind of life you live and what you aspire from potential suitors:

  • A drinker?
  • A smoker?
  • Marital Status
  • Any kids?
  • Are they interested in (more) children?
  • Occupation
  • Job-status
  • Type of Home Structure
  • Current living Situation
  • Are they willing to relocate?

Their Background and Cultural Values

Include info relating to the type of people you are seeking based on the cultural and current location of living:

  • Country of origin
  • Education level
  • Languages fluent in
  • Political views
  • Religion status
  • Horoscope sign

Personal Information

All information relating to personal preferences is included here. Make most of this to make the matching process easy for you:

  • Bust cup size
  • Bust Size
  • Hip Size
  • Waist Size

Advanced Search Functions on PinkCupid

Pink cupid search has been made much more broad thanks to these exceptional features only found here.

Photo competition: Users are advised to upload their most exquisite photos every month. A winner is chosen every month and wins a three-month platinum membership. The runners up are privileged to win a full month of platinum membership subscription.

A translator: This special feature allows single lesbians to communicate and get acquainted with matches of different backgrounds. This unique search option handles the online language barrier.

The Actual Matching Process

The Actual Matching Process

Lesbian dating websites do not automatically match people and suggestions to you, as most people presume. You will have to do much better to make yourself attractive. Due to an array of different features, the whole process is quite easy.

You can filter and look for potential suitors by having distinct attributes that portray your personality. The process of matching people is made possible by having different traits that will enable our system to find similar personalities.

Getting in Touch with Other Lesbians

Getting in touch with a single lesbian is possible with the help of a lesbian chat room. Simply send a message to a potential partner, and if she likes you, she will reply. You can comfortably check whether potential suitors are online or not through a counter that shows active members.

Making a conversation is possible, and new users are usually satisfied. We got you covered with all the necessary features of ensuring there is a smooth and convenient communication process.

PinkCupid Chat Options and Interface

PinkCupid.com chatting platform is easy and convenient to use. You get to view people online and offline to make the whole chatting experience fun. This dating platform has integrated the latest matching technology to guarantee everyone has a match to get acquainted with.

Is It Safe to Use the Pink Cupid Site

Is It Safe to Use the Pink Cupid Site?

Pink Cupid is completely safe. Few online dating platforms can protect their online users’ private info. The latest AI technology provides privacy and confidentiality for all users. Get convenience and safety assurances by using one of the best lesbian dating websites.

Protection & Data Security

Pink Cupid employs the most sophisticated method of ensuring safety and privacy for all its registered users. We use the latest encryption technology to keep users’ data secure. Additionally, the website has come up with an anti-fraud prevention team that helps to protect users’ private data.

Is It Possible to Come Across Scam Profiles?

Scam and fake profiles are a thing of the past with the Pink Cupid dating website. Only legit and verified users are allowed to have access to our incredible dating platform. The website has a double-checking system that ensures only real lesbian are available on the Pink Cupid website.

Additionally, you can review our testimonial section to check our users’ reviews. The platform is a trusted and highly rated dating platform that is available for all lesbians. By signing up for an account, you get replies and matches with serious women.

Perfect Dealing with Fake Profiles

Only legit users are allowed to have access to personal user accounts. This is made possible by a thorough scrutinization of member profiles while registering. This safeguard measure ensures that any instances of fake and scam account applications are eliminated.

If you encounter any worrying issue concerning our site, you can contact the support team for additional assistance.

Pink Cupid Help & Support

Pink Cupid dating site has well set up a customer help section, which helps single lesbians to tackle basic features. For direct help assistance, you can access the support via email, support ticket system, and any convenient hotline availed by the site. You can create and send emails at any time of the day.

If you are seeking support assistance through the phone, hotlines are functional weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM GMT+10.

Support Info

US and Canada Users (toll-free): 1-800-787-0838

Australian Users: (07) 5571 1181

European Users: 00 61 7 5571 1181

International Users: +61 7 5571 1181

Fax Contact: +61 7 3103 4000

Usability of This Lesbian Dating Website

Usability of This Lesbian Dating Website

The layout for this high rated lesbian dating website is pink as the name speculates. Navigating through the site is quite easy, even for people who are not tech experts. The functions and features are laid out well, allowing for easy access to the online dating site.

A special made counter icon helps users to identify people online at a specific time. Here you can be able to view people who are currently online to get acquainted with them easily.

A common feature that may not be of importance is the ads. They are actually reminders to offer safety tips for users interacting. You can block them with ease if you are not a fan of them.

Is There Pink Cupid App Available?

A PinkCupid app is available for this dating site and accommodates the Android phone models. The app offers a second to none user experience. Most dating experts recommend that users stay online while using the app. If you are not this person, there is no need to get worried. The mobile site lets you have all features altogether.

By clicking on the web for PinkCupid.com, you get the benefit of achieving all dating features via your mobile. The decision to get an app is your own, but the good news is that there are different options for helping you navigate the site.

Membership Choice

By now, we guess you have probably familiarized yourself with the basic insights about Pink Cupid dating website. There are different members’ options, which we will discuss and critique below. With PinkCupid.com, there is always something for everyone.

Enjoy discounts and ease of use by subscribing to one of these membership subscription options.

Pink Cupid: Free Version

The free version of the Pink Cupid dating website allows users to view countless profiles of single lesbian women. Here you get an unlimited chance to view images and videos posted by already registered lesbian women. To get access to the whole website, you will need to upgrade your membership subscription.

Premium Version

Creating a lesbian dating profile account is free. With a premium account, you get the benefit of interacting with other premium members free of charge. No up-front charge is required to start an online conversation with a potential suitor.

Advantages of a Premium Account

  • Free access to other user accounts
  • No charges incurred
  • Perfect for new users before embarking on serious dating

Pink Cupid Pricing: Packages and Prices

If you are wondering about the plans and pricing regulations for Joining Pink Cupid, below are well-detailed aspects about plans.

Gold Membership: These members can send and receive all messages from other users. This is regardless of the other users’ membership subscription. Users subscribed to this plan have access to special features like a lesbian chat room and direct messaging. This helps to ensure a fast sending and delivery of messages.

Platinum Membership: Members subscribed to this plan have access to immense features and all people registered under this lesbian dating platform. Additional features availed include incredible lesbian chat rooms, video emailing and uploading of a video profile.

Membership Plans

Gold Membership: 12 Months for $8.33 per month

Gold Membership: 3 Months for $16.66 per month

Gold Membership: 1 Month for $24.98

Platinum Membership: 12 Months for $10.00 per month

Platinum Membership: 3 Months for $20.00 per month

Platinum Membership: 1 Month for $29.98

Payment options

Different methods are used to pay for membership subscription and include:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • Paysafecard
  • Sofortuberweisung

Canceling the PinkCupid Membership and Deleting a User Profile

Canceling the PinkCupid Membership and Deleting a User Profile

Through the PinkCupid login page, lesbian women can access countless profiles of potential matches with ease. To delete an existing user account, firstly, you will be required to log in on the official website. Go to PinkCupid.com/switchoff/reasons.cfm and follow the stipulated instructions. State the reason for opting to leave the lesbian dating site.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Pink Cupid is an excellent choice for lesbian women who are seeking to meet people online. This comprehensive analysis of the lesbian dating platform has gone into detail to avail of all relevant info about online lesbian dating sites such as Pink Cupid.

We want to help you get the best out of online lesbian dating site, and we hope this review helped! We are concerned with availing key insights about dating sites so that you can make a wise decision while signing up.

We extend further to help you access special features like promo codes. Remember to check regularly on the goodies Pink Cupid has tailor-made for you individually. Enjoy online convenient user ability by using the best lesbian dating app at the click of a button. Are you ready to meet and get acquainted with people similar to you? Visit the Pink Cupid dating website and get started immediately. We highly recommend it.

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