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TheLeague Review: Is It Easy to Become a Member of This Community?

TheLeague Review: Is It Easy to Become a Member of This Community?
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Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 64%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 900 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Almost all the matches at TheLeague are of high quality.
  • There are no fake profiles because they undergo thorough verification.
  • All TheLeague members receive professional customer service, where the support is available 24/7.
  • The members can attend different events launched by the community.
  • Those members, who use the application every day, have a priority in receiving matches.
  • When The League takes the information from Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, it filters this information carefully.
  • Members can communicate with the help of video chat.
  • The possibility of becoming a member of the community is minimized.
  • The membership fees at TheLeague are too expensive.
  • The members of The League application can receive a maximum of five matches per day.
  • For becoming a member of TheLeague, it is necessary to disclose the ethnicity of the applicant.
  • The approval or disapproval of the candidacy is somewhat subjective because these are people who decide to accept a person to the community or not.

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TheLeague is one of the most successful elite dating platforms, which exist nowadays in the ocean of dating services worldwide. This application was designed purposefully for successful people, for whom education and career are of primary importance. Amanda Bradford is a founder of The League dating app. In 2015, she managed to launch a dating platform, which attracted the attention of thousands of people who eager to join the community. The most prominent feature of this dating service is that it is rather challenging to become a member of TheLeague. It is necessary to undergo a long process of verifying the person who wants to join this ivy league dating community.

The founder of TheLeague explains that creating such a website came to her after the unsuccessful experience of using other dating services. As a rule, many dating websites are full of scammers and profiles engaged in fraudulent activities. All these measures prevent from reaching the primary goal of finding an appropriate match. That is why Amanda Bradford decided to create a community where it will be necessary to pass through thorough verification for becoming a member. Often, this procedure can take much time, from several days to several months. The League dating app reviews underline that only about 20 percent of applicants receive the approval for membership. A great controversy of TheLeague is in the fact that nobody knows the reason why the applicant received approval or rejection. However, some determinants are precise: first of all, it is necessary to be educated and have a successful job. During the five years of its existence, TheLeague managed to cover the territory of the largest US cities. Also, the community members can be found in the most significant Australian, European, and Asian cities.

There is a tendency to increase the influence of The League dating app. But as other dating communities, TheLeague has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us look through them below.

Who Can Be Met Among the Community Members?

Who Can Be Met Among the Community Members?

All the members of The League dating app are highly scrutinized before getting accepted to the community. When advertising their application, the developers underline that there are no voyeurs, no fakes, no noise, and no shame, caused by fake profiles. It is possible to hear that TheLeague is a dating app for professionals. And it is so. All the community members are highly educated persons who either finish prestigious educational establishments or have already been hired to highly paid positions. Such things determine the financial and social status of the member. However, there are a lot of subjective things. Two similar applicants can receive different answers to their applications.

The Undeniable Features in This Elite dating app

The main distinctive feature of The League dating app is the status of members who win the chance to appear among other lucky persons. Also, TheLeague is the only dating service, which requires its members to disclose their ethnicity. Such a requirement is absent in other similar services. One of The League dating app reviews stresses that this paints this community in a bad light.

Where Are the Subscribers of TheLeague Come From?

From the very beginning, The League dating app captured only the residents of the United States. There was even a list of the US cities where the application was popular. After some years, when the community was created, the cities from other countries joined the platform. Nowadays, the application users can use The League in more than sixty cities throughout the world (in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, and some European countries).

Which Ethnicity Is the Most Frequent in TheLeague?

When speaking about The League, the question of ethnicity is one of the most controversial here. First of all, the website asks its applicants to disclose their ethnicity when filling in the profile sections. This factor affects the matching results of the members of this elite dating app. Of course, there are representatives of different ethnicities (Whites, Blacks, Asians, Caucasians, Latinos). But the majority of TheLeague members are white Americans and Europeans. Here, rank and status play a significant role. And those who are people of color are usually downvoted and receive fewer matches when comparing to White people.

The Mean Age of TheLeague Subscribers

The Mean Age of TheLeague Subscribers

TheLeague is considered to be the young dating community. The mean age of its members is 29 years old. In the first years of the website’s existence, only members about 25-30 years old were allowed to register. Since late 2016, The League’s moderators have allowed people older than 40 years to become members of this elite dating app. Such a step was logical because the socioeconomic status of this age category is much higher.

Who Wins by the Number Here: Men or Women?

In TheLeague, there is no equality between the numbers of men and women. According to The League dating app reviews, the number of women is twice as high as men. In such a way, the search story for men can be more successful because the choice is much greater.

Is This Elite dating app Completely Heterosexual?

According to the evaluation, which was made in 2016, approximately 95% of The League members were straight. Nowadays, the situation is almost the same. Only a tiny percentage of the members are representatives of the LGBTQ community. However, it is necessary to underline that there is no discrimination on sexual orientation. When filling in the preferences table in TheLeague, it is possible to choose men, women, or both in the section “looking for.” In such a way, each gender has a free choice of whom to look for.

What to Do If You Decided to Become a Member of the Community: How to Sign Up at The League?

At TheLeague dating community, there are several mandatory steps for sign up. First of all, it is necessary to have accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn social media. The information from the pages is used for verification of the profile. The applicant’s desire is not enough to become a member of the community and sign up. The potential user needs to undergo screening and approval procedures, which are time-consuming. Then, it is necessary to upload six photos. After this, the applicant is placed on the long waiting list. The evaluating time can take several weeks or even months, after which the applicant is either accepted or denied. The applicants can fasten this procedure by providing a payment. But even this step cannot guarantee that the application will be 100% approved.

Which Information Should Be Disclosed During the Registration at TheLeague?

At this dating app for professionals, the website’s moderators will take all the necessary information from the applicant’s Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. The quality of these accounts and the number of friends there determine the success of being approved. There, they will look at the education, profession, and social circle of the potential member. Also, the quality of the photos should be perfect. The low-quality photos will minimize the possibility of becoming a member of TheLeague.

How to Undergo Verification of Member’s Identity?

How to Undergo Verification of Member’s Identity?

Among other dating sites for professionals, TheLeague is characterized by the strictest verification process of a member’s identity. On the one hand, it may bring some discomfort. But on the other hand, this procedure ensures the absence of fake profiles among all the registered members. The system checks the accounts on social media. Also, they take a person’s photos for verification of his or her personality.

Is the Verification of the Personality Time-Consuming?

At TheLeague, the approval process of the personality is time-consuming. But it may be the only elite dating app, where applicants are glad when their applications are verified even in several months. It is because the percentage of approved profiles is too low (10-20%). Thus, the verification of the profile at The League (app) may take several days, several weeks, or several months. The bulk of applications are not viewed at all.

The Peculiarities of TheLeague Account

Many of The League dating app reviews stress whether the Facebook or LinkedIn accounts have something unique with TheLeague account. The owners of the elite dating community calm down the users and say that friends from these social media have nothing in common with friends from TheLeague. Thus, the account here is a separate page, which only can use some information from the mentioned above communities.

How Does TheLeague Profile Look Like?

A well-written profile at The League facilitates being accepted to the community. A profile here consists of the photo, age of the person, his or her height, and the city of residence. Also, there is the About Me section, where the members of the application may write a text maximum of 140 characters. It is necessary to write the most valuable information that may attract the attention of other members. The Education and Profession sections are filled automatically from the LinkedIn profile. But it is better to double-check this moment and edit it in case of the need. However, the editing opportunity is available only for those who are League members. Also, it is necessary to choose the status (single or not) and the member’s gender. The controversial place of ethnicity should also be filled in. The same goes for the location and religion sections. The League dating app reviews recommend keeping things light and funny when completing the profile because it determines the success of the account.

The Peculiarities of the Search Filter at TheLeague

The Peculiarities of the Search Filter at TheLeague

TheLeague fully corresponds to the structure of dating sites for professionals. The search here is quite easy and straightforward. There is a special Preference page, which contains almost the same lines as when filling in the profile section. Thus, it is necessary to choose whom you are looking for: men, women, or both. In the following two lines, it is necessary to choose the preferable age and height of potential partners. Then, the user may choose a distance in miles of where the partner may live. And the last three lines of the search filter are ethnicity, education, and religion. They can be filled in, or the user may write “no preferences” there. Everything is up to the desire of TheLeague members.

Can Free-Based Accounts Search for Partners?

Basic search filters at The League (app) are the same as was described above. All the mentioned points are present there. The free-based members at the ivy league dating can search and browse other profiles without restrictions.

When The League app members purchase a fee-based account, they receive advanced matching and searching opportunities. The filter itself remains the same, but the search becomes much faster and effective. Such profiles receive the best suggestions.

Who Is Responsible for Finding Matches In the App?

The League dating site can proudly claim the status of the elite dating app. It is due to the existence of the special worker here, who is titled as the concierge. This is a real person that facilitates matching processes in the community. This person saves time, which users could spend on the app swiping like in other services. They choose the best matches and send them every day at 5 pm. Also, it is necessary to remember that the number of matches per day is limited to five. But the main positive thing is that all matches are real.

How to Start Messaging Here?

At TheLeague, communication can start after the successful matching process. When two of the suggested matches like each other, they can start communication. Here, communication means chatting and video calls. The messaging platform opens when the interest is mutual. But if the partners do not start communication for 21 days, the match expires.

Is Chat’s Interface Helpful in Messaging?

Is Chat’s Interface Helpful in Messaging?

Chat at TheLeague is similar to that as in Facebook’s Messenger. Users can send emoji. The video chat is available at this elite dating in the form of a speed dating service. This option is available each Wednesday and Sunday at 9 pm for both free and fee-based profiles.

Is There a Background to Name TheLeague Safe App?

The League dating app is one of the safest communities among all dating services. The profiles here undergo severe verification. Also, the moderators of the application involve the encryption of all messages. Thus, no third parties will have access to any data.

Who Ensures the Data Privacy and Protection Here?

TheLeague app cares about data privacy and protection. They do not conceal that the website gathers lots of user’s data, but they ensure that the usage of this data will not go beyond the measures of the app’s needs. At the same time, they underline that any Internet service cannot ensure the 100% privacy of any data. In such a way, they weaken their responsibility in case of possible data failures. But there are no significant reasons for worrying.

Is the Phenomenon of Scammers Known in This App?

The main distinctive feature of this elite dating app is the absence of fake profiles. Here, even not all true profiles have a chance to be approved. The community members can be 100% sure that they communicate with real people who managed to undergo all the stages of verification.

Which Mechanism Prevents the Activity of Scammers at TheLeague?

The League (app) enforces a tight security system to eliminate fake accounts and scammers. That is why the presence of such accounts is impossible. But if they manage to penetrate the community, they will be detected and deleted immediately.

Who Supports the Subscribers When They Face Any Issues?

The support department works 24/7 at TheLeague. Here, they are also known as concierges. They help in various questions regarding navigation and use of the application.

What Features Characterize TheLeague as User-Friendly App?

What Features Characterize TheLeague as User-Friendly App?

The League dating app has a user-friendly layout. Its minimalist design is neat, and there is nothing odd there. Everything is clear and straightforward. Even the beginners will understand how to manage The League app.

In Which Form Is TheLeague Represented for Its Users?

TheLeague is an app-based program. It is available for both Android and iOS. The user can download the application for free from Apple App Store and Google Play Market.

Which Types of Memberships Are Presented Here?

This elite dating app offers two types of membership: free and fee-based. Each of them has its distinctive features.

What Can Free-Based Members Do at TheLeague?

At TheLeague, the free-based account offers some peculiarities that allow using the application without problems:

  • It is possible to create a profile and upload photos (maximum six).
  • It allows us to search and browse profiles with the help of the search filter.
  • Users may send friend suggestions.

Why Is It Better to Subscribe?

In this dating app for professionals, fee-based accounts offer more advanced features:

  • Users may buy League Tickets, which facilitate the matching process.
  • The time of profile verification may be faster.
  • It is possible to edit the profile.
  • When help is needed, they receive it faster.
  • Matching is better for advanced members.

The Reasons Why TheLeague Is So Expensive

The Reasons Why TheLeague Is So Expensive

All The League dating app reviews underline that this community is one of the most expensive. There are several membership plans here. The price per month will be 99 USD. When buying a year subscription, the price per month will be 29 USD. If the user wants more advanced opportunities, they can buy the owner plan, which costs 199 USD per month, or 83 USD per month when buying a year subscription. Also, additional features can be bought with credits to improve membership opportunities. Each additional feature costs some credits (5 credits costs 5 USD).

Steps Needed for Deletion of TheLeague Profile

At TheLeague, members of the community can cancel their subscription at any time. But it is necessary to mention that there are no refunds. The membership is auto-renewed there. When the subscriber wants to delete the profile completely, they must write to the support department or concierge. They will provide all the necessary help.

Summarizing the Service

Despite the presence of several controversial moments, this ivy league dating community attracts the attention of thousands of people who are looking for their romantic partners. The waiting list often reaches 100,000 potential members, but only 10-20% of them receive so desired approval. To become a member of The League dating app, it is necessary to follow all the strict requirements, which may guarantee applicants’ success. When the users want to dive into the conversation with real people, they are welcomed to join (or at least to try) The League dating app, elite dating for professionals.

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