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TransgenderDate Review: Is the Dating Site Ideal for Transgenders?

TransgenderDate Review: Is the Dating Site Ideal for Transgenders?
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 27-40
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers various communication features
  • Free dating platform for the transgender community
  • Mostly verified profiles
  • Detailed profiles
  • Active members that respond instantly
  • Absence of a mobile app
  • Inefficient customer support service
  • The outdated layout of the website
  • Match feature is still in progress
  • Most features are accessible by verified members

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TransgenderDate is a dating platform that caters to the needs of the transgender community of the world. For decades transgender people are judged and ridiculed by society. There are hardly any transgender dating websites that provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where the trans members can interact with each other and seek love and casual friendship.

TransgenderDate has earned immense popularity among the transgender community in the last few years. The site is renowned for its safe, legal, and assisting platform for a massive user base of 400,000 verified users. You can experience the latest matching technologies and offer new methods of interaction.

What’s the most exciting feature of TransgenderDate? Whether trans, cis, intersex, or androgynous, the members on the site can post videos where they can express with actions rather than words. It’s an exciting way to show your personality and engage with others on a realistic level that encourages them to connect.

TransgenderDate offers the 30 seconds video, which helps the members to find what they are seeking on the site. Friendship, marriage, or romantic relation whatever you prefer gives your best in creating an impressive video.

The modern era is improving, and people don’t have time to read 1000 words about someone’s personality and what they like. Videos have become a trend in all social media networks. People post their life stories, opinions, and information in short clips that engage the public on a higher level than the text posts.

TransgenderDate has adopted a new method of interaction by making videos the focus of their dating platform. Since its inception in 2007, the site has provided a safe platform that has successfully bonded people in long-term relationships and friendships. 2018 was the revolutionary year for the dating site. TransgenderDate went through a total makeover and upgraded all its features to top-notch technologies. One of the best features after the upgrade was the 30 seconds videos, where the members can showcase their personality expressively and interestingly.

You can spend hours on hours reading extensive profiles about people. What do they like? How do they look, and what are their body measurements? Their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and lots of other aspects. Still, in the end, you have no clue who they are in real life. TransgenderDate has solved this dilemma with only 30-second clips where members realistically express themselves. The site believes that the video feature is the revolution in the niche dating world. You don’t have to imagine what the person sounds like or look when smiling. Just play the button and see the breathing, talking, and smiling person in all his or her glory.

Members Structure and Specific Community the Site Caters

Members Structure and Specific Community the Site Caters

TransgenderDate has earned a great reputation in the trans dating sites. It’s an excellent platform for transgender to seek love and friendship, which becomes challenging in the real world. The essential aspect of the site is a variety of transgender community:

  • Male to female;
  • Female to make;
  • Post-op transgender;
  • Pre-op transgender;
  • Intersex;
  • Cis;
  • Androgynous.

It’s an international dating website with members from all over the world that share common qualities. The site has witnessed many successful relationships over the years. You can meet transgender in your nearby vicinity and arrange a date to know them better.

At present, the website has about 110,000 members, and most of them have verified accounts. The site claims itself as the pioneer of the transgender dating website, and to some extent, they stand credible what they claim. The site is frequently visited by members from the UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, and Iran. The members on the website are active and respond almost instantly. The monthly influx of visitors to the site is about 100,000. TransgenderDate makes you love yourself by providing a platform that supports in a non-judgmental way.

A Niche Dating That Caters to Specific Community

TransgenderDate is an online niche dating website. The site is specifically designed for the transgender community to provide them a safe platform to seek love and friendship.

Is the Site Available for Worldwide Members?

If you visit “My Transgender Date,” you will observe it’s an international dating website that accommodates members from all over the world. However, most of the members belong to the UK, Canada, the US, and the Netherlands.

Does the Site Sanction Any Single Ethnicity?

TransgenderDate is a platform that provides its assistance regardless of ethnicity or race. The site offers support to all transgender community no matter what their nationality or race.

Detailed Analysis of the Age Distribution

TransgenderDate has numerous age ranges. You can find members as young as in their 20s and as mature as over 50s. Overall the most active members on the site are between 25 to 35 pages.

Gender Proportion of the Transgender Members

TransgenderDate is a unique dating platform that caters to the transgender community. The site includes all identities of the transgender, such as:

  • Cis (man and woman);
  • Trans (man and woman);
  • Nonbinary;
  • Androgynous;
  • Interexed (male and female);
  • Crossdresser or transvestite.

Sexual Orientation of the Members

TransgenderDate caters to all sexual orientations that include trans, bisexual, gay, lesbian, etc. It’s an amazing platform for members who seek romantic relationships and platonic friendships with the same gender or others.

How to Join the Site: TransgenderDate Signup Process

How to Join the Site: TransgenderDate Signup Process

The registration process of TransgenderDate is direct and straightforward. Members don’t have to follow any complication or lengthy procedure to register like other trans dating sites. It takes five minutes and a few clicks to complete your registration. On the top of the main page, the site boldly claims that it’s 100% free among the tranny dating sites.

Let’s start with what is required for the registration process in steps:

  • Your gender includes several options like trans (male and female), cis (male and female) nonbinary, androgynous, intersex (male and female), crossdresser or transvestite;
  • You need to add the gender you are looking for in the transgender dating site;
  • Username: Make sure it’s creative and reflects your personality;
  • Valid email ID;
  • Zip code of your area;
  • Tick mark the Captcha that you are not a robot and click Register;
  • You will be directed to another page where members have to create a password and provide their date of birth.

Viola! You are now a registered member of TransgenderDate.com; however, you are still not a verified member.

Information Your Account Requires

Members have to provide minimal information for the registration process. It includes your gender and the one you are seeking, demographic status, email, password, and date of birth.

How Does the Dating Site Verify Accounts?

TransgenderDate claims that almost all its members have verified profiles. The question is, with the straightforward registration system, how does the site check profiles?

When you create your profile in the end, you will see a tab stating Verify. A number will be assigned to you. Write the number on a paper and take a selfie while holding the past with numbers. Upload the picture to the site, and that’s the end of the verifying process – no need to upload legal documents prints if passports or Id cards. You don’t even have to look good in the verifying picture. The picture will be discarded once the moderator verifies your account.

Time Estimation to Get Profile Approved

It takes until 24 hours to verify your TransgenderDate profile.

TransgenderDate Account and Profile Details

TransgenderDate Account and Profile Details

The registration process of the TransgenderDate is quick and straightforward. The site requires minimal information, but the profiles are comprehensive, and the verified account enjoys the full benefits of the site.

TransgenderDate Structure of Members Profile

Creating your profile is an optional task, but complete profiles boost your chances of finding the best matches as with all other dating websites. Members consider users with full profiles and pictures as serious contestants. Your profile reflects your personality and presents you so that others can decide whether they want to connect with you.

The profile page of the site has eight categories:

  • Basic;
  • Vitals;
  • Extended information;
  • Timezone settings;
  • Profile music;
  • Questions;
  • Account or password settings;
  • Geographical or location information.

Members can add all the information related to their physical appearance, religion, lifestyle, sexual orientation, the relationship they are looking for, and many more. You can add some provocative questions to know the other members and use them as a conservation starter. What’s more impressive is you can add music to your profile? What makes TransgenderDate best among the transsexual dating sites is you can upload up to 500 pictures. However, all photos have to be authenticated by the moderators.

Members can add nude pictures as well, but they are labeled as Friends Only or Private. It means they will be accessible by selected friends, or you can put a password and send it to the users interested to view your photos. Pictures took around 24 hours to get verified by the site.

In the TransgenderDate review, it’s clear that all the profiles are detailed and filled with photos and required information. Every other profile is marked Verified, which is the evidence that the site is right about its claim. The responsive rate of the site is superb; members are active and respond within an hour. It’s the best transexual dating site that provides a platform to find a transgender date, friends, penpals, soulmate, or just some active partners. Members on this transgender dating site are looking for many different things:

  • Some are looking for dates;
  • Others are here to satisfy their curiosity;
  • Few need advice.

All in all, TransgenderDate is a multipurpose platform that offers love, help, and support to the transgender community.

TransgenderDate Impressive Search Filters for Ideal Matches

TransgenderDate Impressive Search Filters for Ideal Matches

TransgenderDate does not offer advanced search filters; there are only basic search features accessible by all members.

Basic Search Filter for All Members

The primary search filter of the transgender dating site includes what you are seeking, age range, geographical information, distance, and zip code. Members can also search and select the options whether they want to search members with photos or verified labels.

Does the Site Have Advanced Search Filters?

TransgenderDate does not offer any advanced search filters though the basic filters are enough to find a potential match. Moreover, members can always opt for the quick match option.

How the Dating Site Suggest Perfect Matches

TransgenderDate is progressing every day, and the team is introducing new features with little intervals. The site has already added the quick match feature, which includes two options:

  • Sent Match
  • Mutual Match

The element is not functional at the moment and is under the formulation stage.

Features to Interact With Members on the Dating Site

TransgenderDate offers many options to interact with members of the platform, whether for finding love, friendship, or penpal.

Messaging Features and Interface

One condition TransgenderDate has for interaction with other members is to have a verified account. Verified profile on TransgenderDate acts like premium membership.

Members, with verified accounts, can send or receive messages as well as emails. What is the difference between emails and instant messages? Instant messages are brief and require a response while emails are lengthy in comparison and contain images, videos, or even music files. This fantastic tranny dating site also offers chat rooms where you can mingle with other members and decide who interests you the most. The message board of the site is a superb feature where members express their opinion about everything. There is no compulsion of the topics related to transgender.

One may think that’s enough communication, but TransgederDate.com introduces Blogs on its platform. Participation is not mandatory, but it’s fun to read members discussing exciting topics about the transgender community or random issues. Members can start their blog and comment on any text to be a part of the discussion. Who knows you may find someone who shares a similar opinion or interest?

The unique feature of the website that makes it different from other transgender dating site is its versatility. You can find a discussion on blogs and forums related to many topics. They can either be political, social, socio-economic issues or anything else with discussing.

Does TransgenderDate Have Robust Safety Policies

Does TransgenderDate Have Robust Safety Policies?

TransgenderDate provides safe and secure community members. Members are encouraged to verify their profiles to prove their identities. Verified members earn a badge that is displayed with their profile picture. The site claims to have about 90 percent of verified members, which is somewhat true. The proficient team of the website thoroughly checked each profile and photo to avoid scammers or fake profiles.

How Does the Site Protect Personal Information

TransgenderDate assures its members that no personal information or photo will be shared with any third party. You can read their privacy policies to make sure the site provides privacy and data protection.

Are There Many Scam Accounts Roaming About?

The verification system of the tranny dating site makes sure that fake profiles are filtered out of the platform.

How the Scam Accounts are Filtered Out?

TransgenderDate has robust security and makes sure no scammers get past the verification process. However, if members find any suspicious account, they can deposit or to the moderators and struck actions are carried against members violating rules.

Is the Customer Support Service Available?

There are two email addresses available for help and support.

One is for general inquiries or issues. The other one is of the moderator to report abusive members.

Simple Layout With User-Friendly Navigation

Simple Layout With User-Friendly Navigation

If you compare the design layout of TransgenderDate with other trans dating sites, it will feel ordinary. There is nothing extraordinary or flashy about the website as it’s a trend in the modern dating world. However, the interface of the site is user friendly. There is no clutter of features or messy alignment of pictures. Every feature is neatly arranged in plain sight. The color scheme of the website is white with pink highlights. The background is solid white, which is refreshing to the eyes, while some features like upgrades or online members are highlighted in pink. You may also see some powder blue splashes on the site. The font is easily readable, and the overall layout can be understood within minutes.

The top navigation bar has almost all the features, including mail, search, profile, friends, blogs, chats, forums, and upgrade. Each feature has a dropdown menu for further navigation. On the left sidebar menu, you can see specific features related to your accounts, such as notifications, favorites, profile, search, and nearby members. On the top right corner is the help and log out option. Overall the interface of the TransgenderDate is simple, sleek, and organized, which is easy to navigate by all ages.

Is There a TransgenderDate Mobile App?

A progressive dating site like TransgenderDate is expected to have an app with such amazing features. Unfortunately, the website is still in developing stages and hasn’t yet introduced the TS dating app for the transexual community. However, members can always use the site on their smartphone browser. The website is fully optimized and compatible with the smartphone browser. There is no minor difference between desktop and mobile versions in terms of functionality, features, and performance. If you like to have your dating site on the go, you can use TransgenderDate on your mobile browser easily.

What Are the Membership Options?

TransgenderDate is a free dating website and offers almost all features to its verified members; however, the site has an upgrade version that provides some additional privileges to the premium members.

TransgenderDate Free Members Accessible Features and Services

When it comes to free features, the site has a lot to offer to its members. One condition of having access to all the elements is to verify your account. Members with verified accounts have easy access to almost all the features, which include.

  • Registration;
  • Profile creation;
  • Verification of account;
  • Viewing profiles of all members;
  • Uploading up to 500 pictures but after verification;
  • Access to all chat rooms;
  • Attaching photos or files to the email;
  • Instant messenger access;
  • Control over friends requests;
  • Control over blog comments;
  • No advertisement in members profiles;
  • Viewing mail status, whether they are ready or not.

Features and Services available for Premium Members

It’s already mentioned that the site offers almost all features for free. The main difference between providing the elements is to the verified and unverified members. Verified members enjoy all the premium features of the website, whereas unverified members are restricted from using certain features.

TransgenderDate Pricing Instruction and Subscription Plans

TransgenderDate offers an upgrade option on the site, which details are as follows:

  • One week subscription plan costs 4.95 USD;
  • One month subscription plan costs 14.95 USD;
  • One year subscription plan costs 79.95 USD.
Terminating TransgenderDate Subscription and Deleting User Profile

Terminating TransgenderDate Subscription and Deleting User Profile

You can quickly terminate your subscription from your account setting in the Profile feature. The site has two options to discontinue your account one is to deactivate, which is temporary, and you can activate by logging in again. The other option is to delete the profile permanently, and you will no longer remain a registered member of the site.

Final Remarks on the TransgenderDate Review

To summarize the TransgenderDate review, it is safe to say that the dating site is best among the transgender dating sites. The significant reason for its popularity is it’s free service to all verified members. Even the verification process of the site is free of cost. It’s a niche dating website concentrating on that sect of the society which has been judged and criticized for decades. The platform helps the transgender community by giving them support and a platform where they can find partners, friends, penpals, and even love. The communication features of the site are superb, from instant messages to blogs and forums. Each element is free to use for verified members. Members can post, comment, and discuss any topic on the earth on these forums. They can also join ongoing discussions in different chat rooms. All in all, TransgenderDate has provided an excellent platform for the transgender community to connect freely.

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